Industry Verticals

Quantronix offers a comprehensive spectrum of technology-based services to customers from all verticals across the industry. Our decades of experience in business consulting and outsourcing services have made us the partner of choice for many leaders of the industry.

Working with our clients for more than two decades, we have, over the years, amassed a great deal of domain knowledge in several industry verticals. Our consultants come armed with the practical knowledge of products, issues and trends in these chosen industries. Being aware of the best practices of the industry vertical and workflow dependencies, we are able to propose solutions to guide and support your business leaders and practitioners in these selected domains.

  While our range of experience spans the industry in general, we have focused service offerings for:

As an underlying base to everything we offer in vertical domains, we bring the ability to translate business requirements to technological needs and offer, in support of our Business Consulting and Professional Services portfolio, a full range of IT services:


The use of ERP and CRM packages is also becoming increasingly common across industries. While some industries and most large organizations have been using such packages for a long time, there are still certain industries and some organizations that are relatively new to ERP and CRM solutions. We offer a wide range of ERP and CRM services.