Application Services


  Application Outsourcing consists of two activities : application development and application management (or support and maintenance).

Quantronix has been in the services outsourcing industry since 1982 with core competency in different industry verticals with a special focus on Financial Services, Manufacturing & Hi-Tech and Telecom. We offer Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) services modeled on a Fixed Price or Time and Materials basis supported by an Offshore Delivery Center (ODC) model that offers flexibility and scalability and operates as a virtual extension of our customers' own operations.

Applications to be managed are often legacy applications that are critical to business. The successful management of an organization's applications to keep them running optimally while keeping costs under control is crucially important to business as application management often takes up as much as 80% of a typical IT budget.



Analysis of Application Portfolio (AAP)

The first step of the process is an in-depth portfolio analysis. Each application in the IT portfolio is analyzed to determine its currency and usefulness. An application may have sufficient functionality in its design to retain it in its current state. On the other hand an application may need added functionality to make it more current. It is also possible that some applications are no longer in use in their current form and need to be modified or upgraded significantly before they are useful. Such (latter) applications may need to be retired. Quantronix offers Application Portfolio Analysis as a service to rationalize the set of applications and make them current with business needs.


Application Support and Maintenance (ASM)


Support and maintenance of applications is aimed at keeping existing applications that are in use operational and reducing downtime. These are often legacy or home-grown applications that are critical for normal company operations. A careful analysis of the nature and robustness of the application is done to decide team size and organization. Decisions on onsite, offshore needs and skill mix will be made along with a complete roadmap for knowledge transition and responsibility take-on. We aim to create offshore leverage as early as possible, aimed at reducing costs early in the process. Creating a knowledge base on the application and progressive improvement of the code base over the life of the support and maintenance, helps to make the application easier to maintain and more stable, leading to an overall reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership for the application.


Application Migration and Re-Engineering (AMR)

Applications that need to be extended, upgraded or re-structured from a legacy or existing state are candidates for Migration or Re-engineering. We provide proven methodology based services to assess applications at source and migrate them to newer target platforms and databases. Assessment of the source provides details of the languages, structure and construction including identification of constructs used that were specific or proprietary to the source environment. The next step is the tooling phase where appropriate tools and processes are identified to be used in the migration. A recipe or cookbook is prepared for the entire migration process including the re-engineering / re-design of the proprietary constructs. Re-engineering and re-design addresses a number of issues including changes in business needs, workflows and technological capabilities of the target environment. After the process is piloted and tested, the migration is carried out and the migrated application is thoroughly tested. For both the construction and the testing phases, we strive to automate the process to the extent possible using standard conversion and migration tools