eLearning & Publishing

In conjunction with our partners, we are committed to providing meaningful educational experiences to people all over the world. Our goal is to create educational software that allows teachers to focus on teaching, and students to concentrate on learning. We believe that while technology is a key component in instructor and student success, it should blend with human touch and imagination rather than disrupt them. Our strategy is based on the creation of learning experiences that can be stored, retrieved, and repurposed or displayed in a variety of platforms. We offer products that are simple but intelligent frameworks that provide access to different collections of learning experiences and the tools necessary for interaction with them. These frameworks allow for customization, branding, and a variety of hosting options. More importantly, we aim to encourage instructors and students to work together in order to fashion powerful and effective learning modules with minimal technological know-how or instructional design sophistication.

All of the products we offer employ light-weight, component-based architectures. Our individual products can be used as stand alone learning solutions or be integrated with other enterprise systems via standard Web services. Specific component tools from these products can be separated out and added to other Learning products in a mix-and-match format. Of course, our products can also be aggregated and combined to create a powerful, full-featured learning environment that can scale to meet institutional and organizational learning needs of every kind.

We understand how information/content needs to be created, tagged, stored, and accessed for dynamic product creation. As a result of our expertise, we are currently developing strategic content management projects in the following areas

  • Taxonomy Creation
  • Metadata Strategy
  • Object Repository